Storm to Snow

***Little something a wrote some time back, when trying to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel***

The clouds are dark.
The sky is grey.
The wind is relentless.
I can't find my way.

The flowers are dead.
The birds fall silent.
I'm curled up in my bed.
My thoughts are violent.

What's that sound?
What's that light?
Something's drawing near.

It's the laughs,
It's the love of the people I hold dear.
There's a feeling, it's warm and light.
My thoughts are going from left to right.

They're pulling me out of my disastrous storm.
But it's also my God, my faith, it's the feeling of being reborn.

My clouds will always linger
My storm may come and go.
But there's one thing I know for sure,
It will always result in a clean and gentle snow.

Published by renamaemondragon

Just a writer trying to put herself out there! I write poetry, stories, personal experiences through the chaos of life, and more!

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